What Do Travelers Hate About Travelling?

What do most travelers hate when traveling? If you’re a seasoned traveler, you may think that this question is too easy to answer. Perhaps it is. But what are the most common complaints from travelers? Do they really apply to you? Here is what we have found as the top things that most travelers hate when traveling.

Stress. There is simply no way around stress when traveling far away from home. Whether you are in Asia or South America, it is very easy to get stressed out. Even when you are on vacation, the stress just never seems to go away. In fact, some people report feeling more stressed when traveling abroad than they do when at home. The good news is that stress is completely out of your control and even when traveling abroad, you can do things to keep your stress levels down.

Money. This is another one of those things like stress that most travelers hate. Most people are actually surprised when they start talking about money during their travels. It is a strange process, the buying and selling of goods and services all over the world, without having any cash to exchange them. From being forced to use traveler’s checks to exchanging your hard earned dollars for hundreds of dollars in different countries, your pocketbook will likely get a pretty rough time when traveling.

American’s are notorious spenders when it comes to holidays, and they are the biggest spenders when it comes to plane tickets. They will go anywhere in the world to see their family members, and will not stop, no matter how far away their favorite vacation spot may be. What people hate about travelling is the cost, and many Americans tend to complain about the cost of flights. On the flip side, they love the opportunity to fly to wherever they want whenever they want, whenever their mood takes them, and to spend as much time with their family as possible.

Food. Travelers are often surprised to find that food is probably the number one complaint among travelers. From having to eat the same kind of food, in the same areas, for so long, if not for free, travelers really enjoy a variety. If you are traveling in a country with a strong national or regional accent, try talking with locals and ask them where the best restaurants are. You might be surprised to find that you really enjoy the local flavor.

Long Travelling. Americans are known for long journeys, and this is definitely not an exception for travelers. People really hate being far away from their loved ones, and it doesn’t matter what country you are in. Americans also hate having to spend too much time in airports. If you are traveling to far off countries, Americans especially, complain that it is too expensive to fly, but it is much better if you can fly on smaller planes.

Time. Americans take their vacations very seriously, and many people hate having to spend so much time away from home. While this sounds terrible to many people who have been away from their families for years, it is actually a huge benefit. You get to meet new people, have experiences you would never have while living at home, and you even get to save money by travelling by air. However, Americans do not like travelling by plane as much as they love spending holidays in the sun.

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