The Top Things I Never Travel Without

Here are some things I never travel without. Sometimes these items are with me when I travel, other times I’m aware of their presence but they are not with me when I leave my home. The reason why I feel the need to mention these items is because you should always have these things with you when travelling.

Passport: A passport is absolutely necessary if you plan on travelling outside your country. Having your passport carried around with you is a must. You also need to have a photo of yourself (if you have one) with a valid government issued card. Some countries require a proof of identification before boarding and some don’t.

Money: Your passport and funds are your lifeline when you don’t have any cash on you. I always carry around my credit card or debit card and I never go anywhere without them. You never know when you will get bored or when you need to purchase something for the house or to eat at a restaurant. If you don’t have the money to purchase what you need, then you won’t be able to go anywhere until you have enough. Don’t go without your money. Always make sure to keep at least some cash on you when travelling.

Luggage: It doesn’t matter if you are travelling for business or pleasure, you need to have enough luggage to carry everything you will be taking with you. I always have at least two suitcases, a travel bag or a laptop case with me. I never travel without my cameras, lenses, documents, iPod, games and music either. I have at least three pieces of clothing with me too. These are essential for comfort and if I only have one piece of clothing with me then it would be my shoes.

Water Bottle: One of the most important items on your list should be a water bottle. You never know when you may get thirsty while traveling. There are so many people who leave their water bottle at home and walk several miles before they can refill it. I don’t even care if I am on a beach or in the rain because having a water bottle with me is one of the most important things I never travel without.

Hand Cream: I don’t ever travel without my hand cream. If I have to change clothes, then I have my hand cream with me so that I don’t have to go through the trouble of finding a good hotel or restaurant to eat at and make sure my hands are clean before eating. Having a hand cream with me makes sure that I don’t feel like I’m going to pass out from being dehydrated while traveling.

Portable Charger/Miracle Phone: This is the one thing on your must have list that I don’t travel without. You never know when you will lose your cell phone or flash drive so having a portable charger on me is just what I need. I also have a spare in my car because I always feel like I need a phone call while driving. So having a portable charger with me also makes sure that I don’t miss important calls when I am on the road.

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